22 series Cylindrical Roller Bearings

22 series cylindrical roller bearings are a type of bearing used in heavy machinery and industrial applications. They have the following characteristics:

• Cylindrical shape. The rollers are cylindrical in shape, allowing for equal contact on both sides of the roller.

• Two-row construction. 22 series bearings typically have two rows of cylindrical rollers, with an inner and outer ring raceway.

• High loads. Due to their design, 22 series bearings can handle higher axial, radial and moment loads compared to other bearing types.

• Sealed or unsealed. They can be configured as either sealed or unsealed bearings. Sealed bearings prevent contamination from dust and debris.

• Various sizes. They come in a variety of bore diameters and widths to suit different mechanical applications.

• Materials. Common materials used for 22 series bearings include steel, stainless steel and high-strength alloys.

• Mounting. They can be mounted using either piloted or non-piloted housings. Piloted housings provide more accurate alignment.

Some common uses of 22 series bearings include heavy machinery like construction equipment, agricultural equipment, presses, rolling mills, conveyor systems and industrial gearboxes. They are often used where components need to withstand high moments and off-center loading.

That covers the main characteristics of 22 series cylindrical roller bearings. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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