42 series double row deep groove ball bearings

Introducing the 42 Series Double Row Ball Bearings - Engineered for Superior Performance Under High Loads

Do your equipment designs call for bearings that can reliably handle both heavy radial and axial loads? Look no further than the 42 series double row deep groove ball bearings, engineered to provide strong and stable performance under combined or shock loading scenarios.

With two rows of spherical balls and deep uninterrupted raceway grooves, these bearings are ideal for handling forces from multiple directions. The double row construction provides increased load capacity, enhanced stiffness and reduced stress on individual balls compared to single row designs.

Available in bore sizes from 10mm to 100mm, the 42 series can be customized with different internal clearances, sealing solutions and precision tolerances to suit your specific application needs. Choose from open, sealed and shielded bearing configurations. Specify ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7 or even ABEC 9 precision grade bearings for high-speed or low-noise operations.

Lubricate these bearings with grease or oil depending on your speed and temperature requirements. With maximum DN values ranging from 210,000 to 2.1 million, the 42 series can provide reliable performance in high-speed applications when properly lubricated.

From industrial electric motors and machine tools to demanding gearbox, turbine and pump applications, trust the 42 series double row balls bearings from our company. With a wide range of sizes and configurations backed by our company engineering and quality, they are ideal for handling heavy loads in rough operating environments.

Contact us today to learn how the 42 series can optimize your equipment uptime and lower maintenance costs!

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