43 series double row deep groove ball bearings

43 series double row deep groove ball bearings refer to a type of precision ball bearing. Some key details:

• The "43" refers to the bearing series number, as designated by the ISO international standard system for bearing numbering. Series 43 bearings are medium-sized bearings.

• "Double row" means there are two concentric rings of steel balls within the bearing. This allows higher bearing loads and stiffness compared to a single row bearing.

• "Deep groove" refers to the design of the grooves that hold the balls. In deep groove bearings, the grooves are deep relative to the ball diameter, allowing for higher load capacity.

• "Ball bearings" use steel balls as the rolling elements. These provide smooth motion, high-speed capability and low friction compared to other bearing types like roller bearings.

• In general, 43 series double row deep groove ball bearings can support relatively high axial, radial and moment loads for their size. They are commonly used in applications like electric motors, transmissions, spindles and machine tools.

The bearing has an inner ring and outer ring made of hardened steel, with chrome or stainless steel balls inside running on races machined into the rings. Precise tolerances and specifications are required for performance and longevity in the intended application.

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