60 series deep groove ball bearings

You can count on ZZ Bearings Company to provide you the high-quality ball bearings and miniature ball bearings that you need for all your applications. Our 60 Series ball bearings come in all the sizes that you need, and we offer any combination of closures. Please see the parts sheet above for the dimensions, specifications, and common closure options, including the following:

One Shield
Two Shields
One Non-Contact Seal
Two Non-Contact Seals
One Contact Seal
Two Contact Seals
One Low Torque Seal
Two Low Torque Seals
The codes on our part numbers allow you to see at a glance from the part number which closure any given part has. To order, please contact us today.

60 series open style deep groove ball bearing consist of outer ring, inner ring, steel ball and cage. They are suitable for high-speed or even ultra-high-speed operation, and do not require frequent maintenance. Mainly used to bear radial load, but also can be used to bear small axial load. The cage is made of steel plate, which is firm and durable.

1. The friction coefficient is small, the limit speed is high, and the noise during operation is low, quiet and efficient.
2. Excellent quality and durable, no need for frequent maintenance.
3. The structure is simple and easy to use.

Used in precision instruments, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery industries, it is the most widely used bearing type in the machinery industry.

Delivery Details:
Regular sizes are usually with some stock, delivery can be 3-20days.
Large order quantities or some special customized that depends on our daily production schedule, can be 25-45 days.

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