608 zz bearing

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Bearings NameNew ModelOld Model:ID(mm)OD(mm)Width(mm)Cr(kN)Cor(kN)Grease Lubrication Speed(r/min)Oil Lubrication Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
S608zz deep groove ball bearing S608zzS608zz8227----1.2
608ZZ deep groove ball bearing 608ZZ800188227-----
F608ZZ deep groove ball bearing F608ZZ8300188227-----

608 ZZ bearing is a type of deep groove ball bearing. The "608" refers to the bearing's size, while "ZZ" indicates that it has metal shields on both sides to protect against dust and debris.

Here are some specifications for a standard 608 ZZ bearing:

Inner Diameter (ID): 8mm
Outer Diameter (OD): 22mm
Width: 7mm
Shield Type: Metal shields on both sides (ZZ)
Lubrication: Typically pre-lubricated with grease
608 bearings are commonly used in various applications, including skateboards, inline skates, scooters, and other small machinery or equipment that requires smooth rotation.

Please note that specific manufacturers or suppliers may have slight variations in their 608 ZZ bearing designs, so it's always a good idea to check the product specifications provided by the manufacturer or seller before making a purchase.

Design Features of 608 zz Bearing
Designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance in tight spaces, 608 zz Bearing is an excellent choice for industrial applications with limited space. 608 zz bore dia is 8 mm. Its out dia is 22 mm. 608 zz ball material is 52100 Chrome Steel. Its seal type is Shielded. With high-speed capabilities, low friction, and reduced noise levels, this bearing provides optimal performance. It meets industry standards for precision and durability, making it suitable for various applications in different industries requiring compact-space solutions.

Applications of 608 zz Bearing
608 zz Bearing is used across a wide range of industries that demand high precision and compact design, including but not limited to cryogenic coolers, pulmonary assist devices, clocks, and instrumentation. It is also utilized in fuel controls, surveillance systems, and gyros. Due to its small size and dependable performance, this bearing is a popular choice for applications where space is limited but precision is crucial.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips of 608 zz Bearing
Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure 608 zz Bearing function at their best and last long. It's recommended to frequently inspect the bearing for any signs of contamination, wear, or damage. A non-corrosive solvent can be used to clean it, followed by thorough drying before lubrication. If there is any indication of excessive wear or damage, replace the bearing right away. Additionally, make sure to troubleshoot any issues with the application to ensure the bearing is being used within its intended parameters.