63 series deep groove ball bearings

If you need a more affordable alternative to the deep-groove ball bearings that you need for your manufacturing or distribution option, you are in the right place. ZZ Bearing manufacturers miniature and regular deep-groove ball bearings for OEM and other industries. For your convenience, our bearings come in many sizes and any combination of closures is available.

Please refer to the product specification sheets above to see at a glance all the important details about our 63 Series ball bearings, including dimensions and product codes for the different closures, including these:

One Shield
Two Shields
One Non-Contact Seal
Two Non-Contact Seals
One Contact Seal
Two Contact Seals
One Low Torque Seal
Two Low Torque Seals
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The 63 Series deep groove ball bearing is a double-sealed ball bearing and has a single-row deep-groove geometry for high speeds and supporting both radial and axial loads. Seals on both sides of the bearing fasten to the outside ring and extend over the rolling elements to make contact with the inside ring, keeping out contaminants such as dirt and grime. The seals also hold in a high-quality lubricant applied at manufacture that will last the entire lifetime of the bearing, making it maintenance free. This 6300 series deep groove double-sealed ball bearing is for use in applications that involve combined radial and axial loads and a need for high running accuracy and stiffness at high rotational speeds. Such applications include clutches, drives, gearboxes, compressors, pumps, turbines, and printing and textile machines, among others.

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