68 series deep groove ball bearings

These high-precision bearings utilize a deep groove design to accommodate heavy radial loads and moderate thrust loads in both directions. The inner and outer races are made from hardened chrome steel for enhanced durability and wear resistance even under extreme pressures or temperatures.

A key advantage of the 68 series is the proprietary multi-lip seal built into the bearing races. This provides augmented protection from contaminants without affecting ease of lubrication. Debris and particles are unable to enter the bearing interior, resulting in dramatically extended service life compared to conventional seal designs.

Inside the bearing, the nylon cage has been optimized to improve lubrication flow and heat dissipation while minimizing friction. This results in cooler operating temperatures, reduced noise levels, and lower power consumption. The cage also effectively retains the ultra-smooth, premium grade steel balls in precise relative positions for smooth rotation and minimized vibration.

Advanced heat treatment and finishing processes allow the 68 series bearings to achieve fine dimensional and geometric tolerances for balanced operation. This gives the bearings higher limiting speeds while reducing noise, heat generation, and torque requirements. Quality control adhering to ISO standards ensures each bearing meets stringent specifications.

The 68 series is available in metric sizes ranging from 5mm up to 100mm shaft diameters. Both single row and double row configurations are offered to suit different load demands. The bearings can be supplied pre-lubricated with premium long-life grease or oil formulated for high temperature stability and corrosion inhibition.

Key features and advantages of the 68 series deep groove ball bearings:

- Hardened steel races handle heavy radial loads
- Multi-lip seal protects interior from contaminants
- Optimized nylon cage improves lubrication and heat dissipation
- Ultra-smooth steel balls for quiet, vibration-free operation
- Advanced heat treatment for dimensional precision
- Metric sizes from 5mm to 100mm shaft diameters
- Single and double row configurations
- Pre-lubricated with long-life, high-temperature grease/oil

With best-in-class performance, the new 68 series from our company represents the future of bearing design. These technologically advanced deep groove ball bearings deliver ultra-quiet, smooth, and reliable operation even under extreme conditions. Their contaminant sealing, low-friction operation, and premium quality components ensure exceptional service life in demanding industrial applications.

To learn more about upgrading your equipment with the new 68 series of deep groove ball bearings, contact our engineering team today. We can provide detailed specifications, customized solutions, and sample bearings for testing. Experience the latest innovation in bearing technology with the 68 series.

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