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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Bearings NameNew ModelOld Model:ID(mm)OD(mm)Width(mm)Cr(kN)Cor(kN)Grease Lubrication Speed(r/min)Oil Lubrication Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
87410 Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 87410-5011027200740-29001.316
87411 Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 87411-5512029222870-26001.698
87412 Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 87412-60130322601000-25002.26
87413 Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 87413-65140343001140-23002.75
NU3O4E Cylindrical Roller Bearings NU3O4E-20521529.025.511000150000.155
NU400 Cylindrical Roller Bearings NU400-4512029102100500063001.8
N304 Cylindrical Roller Bearings N304-20521523.119.212000160000.147
M6CT630 Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings M6CT630-6308857174--0.321
2CR90D Cylindrical Roller Bearings 2CR90D-9016088355529--7.2
2CR100 Cylindrical Roller Bearings 2CR100-1002001707551160--23.7
JC3 Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC3-1102001807211190--22.6
JC6 Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC6-1102201807891190--30.0
2CR110 Cylindrical Roller Bearings 2CR110-1102201859221460--31.3
JC1A Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC1A-1102251508331230--27.7
JC2A Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC2A-1102351809341430--35.3
JC35 Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC35-1202251708761380--29.4
JC34 Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC34-1202301709431460--30.8
JC27X Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC27X-1202301779431460--29.7
24NJ/NJP2480 Cylindrical Roller Bearings 24NJ/NJP2480-1202401609611500--33.9
JC11 Cylindrical Roller Bearings JC11-12024018010201580--35.5

Cylindrical roller bearings (CRBs) have a simple structure with their cylindrical rollers in linear contact with the raceways. They offer high load capacity under primarily radial loads. Low friction between the rollers and ring ribs makes these bearings suited for high speed rotation.

Single-row bearings are designated as NU, NJ, NUP, N, or NF, while double-row bearings are designated as NNU or NN, depending on if side ribs are used. All types allow the inner and outer rings to be separated.

Some cylindrical roller bearings used as free-end bearings have no ribs so that the rings can move axially relative to each other. When the inner or outer ring has ribs on both sides and the other ring has a rib on one side, these bearings can take some axial load in one direction.

Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have high radial rigidity and are used primarily for the main shafts of precision machine tools. Cages are typically made of pressed steel or machined brass, but molded polyamide resin cages are used for some models.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearing Types
NU, N, NNU, NN: Suitable as free-end bearings.
NJ, NF: Can sustain limited axial loads in one direction.
NH, NUP: Suitable as fixed-end bearings. NH types are comprised of a NJ-type CRB with a HJ-type L-shaped thrust collar.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings are bearing in which cylinders are used as the rolling elements as opposed to balls in ball bearings. As such, the rollers have a greater (linear) contact area with the outer ring and are distribute loads across a broader surface. Subsequently, they have a relatively high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speeds. Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have high radial rigidity and are used primarily for precision machine tools.

Depending on the series as defined below a number of cylindrical roller bearings have no ribs on either the inner or outer ring, so the rings can move axially relative to each other which can be used as free-end bearings.

Pressed steel (with or without tins or fins) or machined brass cages are generally used, but sometimes molded polyamide cages are also available depending on the application. Cylindrical Roller Bearings are also available without cages with a full complement of rollers. This allows even higher loads but at the expense of speed.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings are also manufactured with snap ring grooves on the outer rings. This design simplifies the bearing joint as the bearings are located into the housing by means of the snap rings. The snap ring groove and snap rings are in accordance with IS0 464.