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Water pump shaft bearing

China Water pump shaft bearing manufacturer - High Quality, Factory Price,Offer Bearings OEM & ODM Service. Trade Assurance. Complete Specifications. Global After Sales.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectation in providing quality Water pump shaft bearing products and continue to improve the services we provide on a timely manner.

Bearings NameNew ModelOld Model:ID(mm)OD(mm)Width(mm)Cr(kN)Cor(kN)Grease Lubrication Speed(r/min)Oil Lubrication Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
WB1630154-1 Water pump shaft bearing WB1630154-1885125C1630154----0.32334
WB1630132 Water pump shaft bearing WB1630132W3520-21630132----0.2854
WB1630084D-2 water pump shaft bearing WB1630084D-2BB275163084----0.17534
WB1630078D-3 water pump shaft bearing WB1630078D-3BB1114163078----0.15314
WB1630094D Water pump shaft bearing WB1630094D02ZSS261163094----0.2043
WR1630087D-1 Water pump shaft bearing WR1630087D-1BRW-03163087----0.2054
WR1630109D Water pump shaft bearing WR1630109DF-1107341630109----0.22897
WR1530088 Water pump shaft bearing WR1530088R076153088----0.2399
WR1630098 Water pump shaft bearing WR1630098BRW-01163098----0.2414
WR1630103-2 Water pump shaft bearing WR1630103-2353R1630103----0.2527
WR2010143DHF water pump shaft bearing WR2010143DHFPAR05452010143----0.5742
WR163090D-4 water pump shaft bearing WR163090D-4WR163090D-4163090----0.209
WR1630109 Water pump shaft bearing WR1630109RB5121630109----0.2872
WR1530106D-1 Water pump shaft bearing WR1530106D-1502601530106----0.21957
WR1630098D-2 water pump shaft bearing WR1630098D-250142163098----0.21597
WR1630101H-2 Water pump shaft bearing WR1630101H-2510961630101----0.2492
WR1938136D water pump shaft bearing WR1938136DWR1938136D1938136----0.43325
WB1630110DD Water pump shaft bearing WB1630110DDWB1630110DD1630110----0.2089
WB1630123-2 water pump shaft bearing WB1630123-2K1091630123----0.3068
WB1630085-1 Water pump shaft bearing WB1630085-1K077163085----0.1875

Water pump integral shaft bearings ZZ bearing company we offered a wide range of integral shaft water pump bearing for HCV LCV MCV tractor passenger car three wheelers also generator & textile application for radiator water-cooling system. This is available in type of ball to ball to roller premier water pump bearing is give high supports the advancement of power full engine with reliability through a newly developed water resistance seal with improved grease.

ZZ water pump bearings are double row bearings that do not have an inner ring. The raceways are machined directly into the integrated shaft. This provides additional space for rolling elements enabling higher specific load-carrying capability as compared to single bearings. The small design envelope enables a broad range of load-carrying capabilities. Risk of distortion is reduced through the use of a common outer ring and two rows of rolling elements, which resist misalignment.

Hundreds of bearing variations are available to meet boundary dimension needs. Our water pump bearings are lightweight, compact, and facilitate high flow capacity and high rotary speeds. They offer excellent heat resistance, running accuracy and sealing performance. We offer double-row ball water pump bearings, single-row ball and single-row roller water pump bearings. Angular contact designs are also available.

Why water pump bearings are more important than you think

The bearing allows to reduce friction between moving parts. It may prevent a motion by controlling the vector and normal forces that bear on the moving parts.

That is, it supports and guides components that rotate with each other. It serves as a support, facilitating sliding while reducing the friction generated by transmitting movement of the motor rotation to the cooling circuit through the joint rotation of the shaft with the pump impeller.

Types of water pump shafts & bearings
Normally the water pumps are equipped with an integrated shaft. We can find different types of bearings depending on the type of load they must withstand (axial, radial, etc.) or the type of construction (ball type, roller type, etc.).

Roller-Ball: used when it is required to support a high load index for a limited construction space.
Ball-Ball: used when high speeds are required and a lower load index is required.

Most bearings are made up of rings with races (inner and outer ring), rolling elements (balls / rollers) and a part called a cage. The cage is in charge of separating the rolling elements at equal distances, ensuring their position between the inner and outer race, which allows them to roll without any problem. The rings and rolling elements are made of steel and the cage in a thermoplastic material (type PA6.6)

Choosing a water pump bearing:

To obtain the best conservation and the highest performance of the water pump, it is advisable that it has high quality components. In the same way that the different automotive parts evolve over time and with new technologies, axles and bearings have also been the subject of continuous innovation.

Among the possible bearing failures we find problems due to abrasions, wear, rust or jamming. Sometimes a consequence of improper installation. Therefore, in order to guarantee the longest possible durability of our water pump, it will be essential to correctly fit it and ensure that the bearing supports the loads required for each specific application.

ZZ Bearing Tip: Every precaution is good, therefore we recommend stopping the engine if excessive noise is detected (bearing damage), do not systematically fill the expansion tank with coolant if you notice that the water pump is leaking and go as soon as possible possible to your trusted workshop to locate and verify the damage caused.

ZZ Bearing provides shafts and bearings that meet the durability requirements defined by each vehicle manufacturer, suitable for each engine application, providing high reliability thanks to the quality of its materials and effective lubrication of the part.