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As a roller bearing manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience, ZZ Group provides custom-made bearing production services tailored to your needs.

ZZ Group is a dependable roller bearing manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in the production of a wide range of high precision bearings. Our rolling element bearings include spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, radial ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings, and thrust ball bearings. We put forth great effort in order to guarantee our products are high quality and perform reliably. Today, our precision bearings are widely applied in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, and papermaking among many others. They are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. If you have any interest in our roller bearings and ball bearings, do not hesitate to contact us. Custom bearings can be produced upon request.

Featured Products
    1. Spherical Roller Bearings
    2. Spherical Roller Bearings Spherical roller bearings are designed with two row rollers running between an inner ring of two raceways and an outer ring with a spherical raceway.
    1. Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    2. Cylindrical Roller Bearings Cylindrical roller bearings are equipped with a cage between the rollers, which prevents the roller from tilting or rubbing against other rollers
    1. Tapered Roller Bearings
    2. Tapered Roller Bearings Tapered roller bearing load capacities depend on the raceway angle of the positive outer ring. The greater the angle, the greater the carrying capacity.
    1. Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    2. Deep Groove Ball Bearings Deep groove ball bearings are a multi-function bearing, and are comprised of a firm inner ring, outer ring, and ball retainer.
    1. Angular Contact Ball Bearings
    2. Angular Contact Ball Bearings Angular contact ball bearings can support both radial and axial loads. The axial load capacity is determined by the contact angle: the larger the contact angle
    1. Thrust Ball Bearings
    2. Thrust Ball Bearings Thrust ball bearings are comprised of three parts: the housing washer, the shaft washer, and the steel ball retainer. They are capable of supporting axial loads

Thanks to the critical role bearings play in the manufacturing of equipment, they are a necessary element in a wide array of industries to ensure normal machine operation.

    1. Office Equipment
    2. Office Equipment As a professional bearing research company that always puts the customer first
    1. Steel Mill
    2. Steel Mill Working conditions for metallurgy are often harsh and carried out in environments with high temperatures
    1. Railway Vehicles
    2. Railway Vehicles Backed by extensive years in offering bearings for railway vehicles, we not only offer repair services that lower the cost
    1. Motorcycle
    2. Motorcycle Within the motorcycle industry, there is a high demand for bikes with excellent maneuverability, safety and credibility.

ZZ Group has specialized in the production of precision bearings since 1998, accumulating rich experience in custom-made service along the way.

We have continuously focused on technology innovation and improvement for 18 years, which aims to provide a high-load capacity


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