67 series deep groove ball bearings

The 67 series deep groove ball bearings from our company represent the latest innovation in bearing technology. This new bearing series is designed to provide superior performance, longer service life, and lower operating costs in a wide range of industrial applications.

The deep groove design of the 67 series allows for high radial loads and moderate thrust loads in both directions. The hardened inner and outer races provide enhanced wear resistance while the ultra-smooth finish minimizes friction for cooler operating temperatures.

All 67 series bearings feature newly formulated polyethylene cage designs that improve lubricant flow and debris ejection. This results in lower operating temperatures, reduced wear, and longer grease life compared to traditional cage materials. The unique two-piece machined brass cage construction also dampens vibration and noise for exceptionally quiet operation.

The premium chrome steel balls in these bearings have a higher hardness rating to handle heavier loads with less deformation. Their spherical precision leads to smooth rolling motion and a further reduction in operating noise. With the 67 series, users can expect industry-leading dynamic load ratings alongside extremely low noise levels.

An advanced heat treatment method is used to hardened the bearing races on the 67 series. This produces a uniform hardness depth and fine-grained microstructure optimized for strength, toughness, and dimensional stability. The result is bearings that can operate at higher speeds and temperatures without compromising performance.

Environmentally-friendly lubricants are now used exclusively on all 67 series bearings, leading to greater sustainability without sacrificing protection against wear, rust, and corrosion. These low-friction lubricants also have high thermal stability for reduced friction and cooler operating temperatures.

The 67 series is available in both metric and inch sizes ranging from 10mm to 80mm shaft diameters. This extensive range covers most common application sizes. Special dimensional and performance options such as ceramic balls, stainless steel races, and solid lubricants are also available for demanding environments.

Key features and benefits of the new 67 series deep groove ball bearings include:

- High radial load capacities and moderate bi-directional thrust capability
- Hardened bearing races resist wear and deformation
- Machined two-piece brass cages for quiet operation
- Premium grade chrome steel balls for heavy loads
- Advanced heat treatment for strength and dimensional stability
- Environmentally-friendly low-friction lubricants
- Wide range of metric and inch sizes from 10mm to 80mm
- Special materials and configurations for demanding conditions

With the 67 series, users gain a technologically advanced bearing solution capable of supporting heavy loads at high speeds with minimal noise. Longer service life, lower operating temperatures, and greater sustainability represent just some of the customer benefits this innovative new ball bearing series provides.

If high performance, heavy-duty operation, and exceptional service life are critical for your application, the 67 series of deep groove ball bearings delivers on every level. Please contact our engineering team to learn more about how these new bearings can upgrade the rotating equipment in your industrial, automotive, mining, or renewable energy operation. We are happy to provide samples for testing along with comprehensive technical data to show how the 67 series offers superior performance and value over other products on the market.

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